Tuesday, December 6

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Naa’s apartment, 16:00


Traditionally nothing happens on Independence Day until the whole country gathers round the television to watch people arriving at the President’s Ball. Shops stay closed and people sit indoors. This year the main shops have decided to open and all those people who have failed to stockpile wine set off early to buy beer and cider.

We continued the staying indoors tradition all morning, until we left to visit Naa.

After Irma and I visited Naa we all went to Prisma where Naa bought an HDMI cable for the new Blu-ray/dvd player she found until the disco tree yesterday evening. Now I have been handed the cable, the women have gone to Itis for more shopping, while I have returned to Naa’s apartment to get her dvd player working.

I notice Mr and Mrs Potatohead on Naa’s shelf, above the television. I remember buying them for the girls from a sale at Barners and Noble in Denver when I attended a conference with Steve. I cannot remember which one which girl had, but now unfortunately they both belong to Naa.

It will take me five minutes to get the dvd player working. I will then spend another hour or so trying to get the ancilliary function to work. I will get the player hooked up to the wifi network, but I will fail to stream anything from my iPad to the television. I will then begin to doubt if this can actually take place, and download an owner’s manual.

I will also fail to get the remote for the dvd player to control the television, as it theoretically should.

Eventually I will abandon all of this, since all Naa only actually asked me to check she could play dvds. I will walk home, arriving just in time for dinner. I will walk home, arriving just in time for dinner.

In the evening I will watch two episodes of Westworld, getting to the end of episode 8. It still holds up. With only two episodes to go I will still have no idea how the five or six storylines will resolve, and how the series intends to end.