Saturday, December 3

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Sundo, 12:30


We got up, had breakfast, and left for Sundö.

The weather had worsened. Ice covered the roads, dark clouds covered the sky, and we decided to leave before dark. We just miss the ferry and sit there watching a single boat heading towards a boat-trailer dipped into the sea at Tirmo. Ice covers some of the sea but boating remains possible. The ferry will turn straight back to collect us.

Ann-Sofie has come home from Åbo for the weekend and so we will have cake and coffee with her and Camilla. We will learn that Manta has an ear infection that causes her to lose balance and fall over. It may get better but it may not. If it doesn’t cure itself then that ends her career as a sheep dog.

We will leave on the 15:00 ferry and decide to stop in Borgå on the way back. We will explore Marks and Spencer before heading home.