Monday, November 28

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Itäkeskus metro, 8:15


The temperature seemed to drop about ten degrees during the night. I woke this morning feeling as though I had developed a cold. I was hot and cold and shivery.

Walking to the bus I realised that the temperature had dropped sharply. I had my hood up to keep my head warm.

At the metro station, where I missed a metro by about ten seconds, I look again at the wall art. Different stations have different art, all local, and I wander up and down the platform before it fills up again looking at it.

The staffroom will seem completely empty when I arrive until Nathalie and Fred appear. I will read through two theses before I have a tutorial at 12:15.

I will have a chat with Dane on the stairs, and mention that I have heard he has some new Android phones. He will invite me to come and look and a few minutes later I will have swapped my Nokia Lumia 620 for an Honor 7 Lite, with a 5.2 inch screen. Ten minutes after this I will have installed Swiftkey and got back the kind of predictive text that the Lumia just could not do.

I will spend most of the afternoon in a Media Management team meeting, still feeling shivery, before heading home as fast as I can. Sanal will come to teach Irma more random words and phrases of Malayalam. We will discuss the possibility of me delivering a guest lecture at the University of Kerala in early January.

Afterwards Irma will go to buy catfood and I will go to bed eleven minutes early.