Saturday, November 26

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Puhos, 14:30


We got up late as the sky passed from blue to gray and rain started.

We have embarked upon a long and circuitous shopping expedition. We began at Minihinta which we visited because we had never noticed it before. Then we went to a Turkish food shop. Now, while Irma chats to two policwomen that she knows, I look at the Close The Borders demonstration, the reason the police have turned up in the first place. Supposedly this small bunch of uncomfortable-looking people will strike fear into the hearts of immigrants and refugees.

They have lights for a torchlight parade. I count seventeen. I think I count about thirty two people in total, including the marshall. Many look as though they have arrived from the countryside as they stand overwhelmed by the size of the city. Two of the procession look like thugs. The rest look sadly bewildered by a world they don’t understand.

They will march past the local mosque, over a bridge and into a park not far from where Naa lives. Judging by the reactions of the passers-by they will frighten nobody.

We will arrive home much later with candles, food, lights, wine and more.