Thursday, November 24

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Auo’s room, 18:10


The day began with a chat with Nathalie about the results from the Tallinn conference, Then I had a tutorial with an MA student whom I suspect of over-thinking her thesis idea. Certainly we had to go through every minute point in great detail.

The morning finished with a second, much easier, tutorial in which two students told me how their research had proceeded, and explained what they had planned for the next phase.

Most of the CMS students had gone to YLE for a special one-day event, so I had just two of the more advanced students. We spent the afternoon learning how to develop WordPress plugins, and by the end of the afternoon we did indeed have a fairly trivial but nonetheless fully functional plugin. It showed as many random images as required from a photo-site, using a shortcode to specify the number of images.

Now I have arrived home. I looked for a book at work this afternoon and didn’t find it, so I go through the books on Auo’s bookcase to see if I can find it there. I can. Auo’s old books sit on two shelves beneath the shelves filled with my books. Inevitably I start looking through these. I notice that I cannot see Fox in Socks in the set of Dr Seuss books. She liked it best, and I wonder if Naa has it now. I must ask at some point.