Wednesday, November 23

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Hameentie, 8:25


I walked to the bus stop in the rain and waited for the bus which arrived almost ten minutes late. Unlike yesterday I got a seat.

I have walked from the 75 bus, happy that the rain has now stopped. I stop at one of the pillars outside Arcada, which gleams in the morning light. Can one say, “gleams dully”, because that seems the current situation vis a vis gleaming. Reflecting also seems part of the scenario. Oddly I do not stop to see if the red results from something stuck on the pillar, or something reflecting on it, because I see Mikael Paronen smoking outside the entrance and I find myself distracted.

At 9:15 I will have a meeting about the student research projects, and only Frida will turn up. This will prove extremely useful since we will have time to talk – and talk we will. The meeting will last an hour and a half and we will end up with an outline description of her research project, a fairly clear idea of where it fits into the overall scheme, an approximate timetable, and a preliminary task that she will complete before Christmas.

After this I will enter a final thesis grade, read a draft thesis, answer some mail, send some mail, send scanned tickets to Maria in Tallinn, and other bits and pieces.

In the afternoon I try to guide the CMS projects towards completion.