Tuesday, November 22

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Arabia Mall, 11:50


This morning I completed my financial claims for both Bryan’s visit and the networking meeting in Tallinn. I scanned in the receipts and forwarded them to Monica. Then I chose my books from the Routledge list as my recompense for reviewing a book proposal. Finally I read through the details of the new Routledge Focus book list and decided to adjust my intended proposal to fit that format. I had several crucial reasons for that: one to do with the size of the book, the other to do with the speed of turnaround. I want to do something fast and short, and I want it published this year, as part of the drive towards Convivial Mechanics.

I need lunch and my cupboard seems bare. I have walked to the mall to solve this and bought bread, cheese and beetroot juice. S-Market have started selling both versions of the Magnum juices from Lithuania: fruit and carrot, and vegetable and beetroot. I like both. Having left the shop I look around and see nothing much. The light seems brighter than a few moments ago and the colours therefore fuller. I find a landscape of sorts and photograph it. A pedestrian walks conveniently by in the distance. The signpost stands around looking suitably battered.

I will spend the afternoon with the CMS group, who now all have individual problems with their WordPress themes. I will wander between them attempting to give advice and make suggestions, and by 17:00 my head will spin on my head.

In the evening Irma will continue her Malayalam lessons, while learning how best to deal with snake bites.