Sunday, April 29

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Sundö, 17:00

I went for my second run this morning, along the same route, and did it in eight minutes.

In the morning we loaded the car. In the early afternoon three of us left for Sundö. Naa has a social schedule in Helsinki and a semi-optional school day tomorrow that she wants to go to.

When we got here we went to Garda’s shop, which is now run by her daughter and the young woman who used to help their in the summer. She has got it looking like a proper village shop. Everything looks like it was chosen and positioned with care and an eye for detail.

Then we went to see Ville and Margit, who were at home with Kari. Margit is going to drive to Helsinki tomorrow to work, and Ville is organising a Vappu party that will be in its fourth or fifth hour when she arrives home again.

Now we are gardening. We have moved a bush and planted some bulbs and I have dug a hole to bury last year’s toilet contents. The sun is out but the wind off the sea is making the air cold. The house is cosy and inviting, and the only thing that we needed to do when we arrived was plug in the fridge and clean out all the mouse shit.

Later we will cook, eat and sleep. The fresh air is making us all tired!