Friday, November 11

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Outside Arcada, 11:11


Things I noticed shortly after I woke up: no more snow, and a promise that it might melt soon; Leonard Cohen died last night.

I spent the morning reading, writing, and planning for Bryan’s arrival tomorrow. I talked with Mirko about broadcasting Bryan’s talk at Temporary, and he made a very good suggestion.

At 11:00 I looked out of the window and noticed that the light and shadows contrasted on the snow. I walked downstairs to see what I could photograph. Immediately I got outside in the cold a truck turned up to do a three-point turn. I waited and then noticed the light had lessened and as a result the shadows had lessened. I make a quick attempt to catch the effect I saw upstairs before it disappears entirely. I just about manage.

I will spend the afternoon writing lists. I will have a Skype talk with Jutta, some rapid-fire email exchanges with Bryan, a long conversation with Monica, and a tutorial.

I will look out of the window and notice that blue in the sky, which appeared earlier for the first time this week, has started to fade back into grey. I will leave, ready for the weekend.