Friday, April 27

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A306, Arcada, 15:50

I have spent the day not doing what I intended, but that is no longer seeming out of the ordinary. I intended to carry on with my thesis or prepare a pecha kucha movie about virtual worlds. Instead I put on my Captain Admin hat, and sorted out a lot of different things.

Frida and Lena have now officially passed their theses and have only some minor bureaucratic hurdles to leap before they graduate. I tested Google Hangout with Roni Linser, caught up on some news from Tel AViv, and then sent in the information about next week’s Virtuality Grand Tour (which will look at Hangout as a social learning tool).

Fred and I had a long, hard talk about yesterday. Jutta and I agreed on Frida’s grade. I sorted out some technical problems with some of the students’ pecha kucha movies, and took a sudden detour into researching how QR codes actually work.

Now, I am looking out the window. It is time to tidy my desk, wash up my cup, and get ready for Vappu.