Sunday, October 23

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Rohdinkuja, 13:25


Last night we both felt tired and we went to bed early. In the middle of the night Irma became suddenly ill with whatever she had last time she became ill in the middle of the night.

As night went on I also felt ill but nothing at all as violent as Irma’s attack. I burped slightly and felt queasy.

This morning we both felt as though our failure to drink any alcohol yesterday had left us with nasty hangovers. I went for a brief walk through the woods to discover last night’s gales had knocked trees over and ripped branches from those still standing.

Waiting for Irma to start the car I look up at the tree in our front garden. I swept piles of these berries up a few days ago and I realise that I can see the ones I will sweep up this week.

We collect Naa and visit Irma’s father. Then the three of us will return home. Irma will leave for a meeting, Naa will promptly fall asleep, Sunshine will fall asleep beside her, and I will have a shower.

I will watch the second episode of Westworld to discover whether it can continue the level it established in the pilot. It can and does. Many pilots have much more money spent on them than subsequent episodes but not this one. The second episode actually expands upon the idea of an almost endless world and shows several new places, at least two of them likely to prove crucial later on.

Irma will return triumphant. Her meeting achieved what it set out to do and much more besides. I felt extremely happy for her. Naa woke up to greet her, and then everyone went to bed early.