Saturday, October 22

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Sundo, 12:16


Walk clean shower milk:
The order of the day.
If you rob a bank on stilts
You’ll never get away.

I wrote this as I marched energetically down Vartiokyläntie on a pre-brunch walk. We had woken late and decided the order of the day’s activities. I had embarked on the first one.

I walk down to Alepa, turn left, cross the main road, and turn left again. I spy this bus stop which reminds me that I have seen this advertisement before and actually stopped to read it. Nonetheless I still do not know what the difference between a halloween Whopper and a regular Whopper consist of. Neither the image nor the text give any clues. Either that or my Finnish comprehension has actually regressed.

After brunch I will indeed clean the house, shower, and then walk to Prisma to buy milk. The wind will grow to almost gale force as the day progresses.