Wednesday, October 19

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The Woods, 19:23


The temperature felt as though it had dropped ten degrees this morning. For the first time this autumn I wore gloves as I cycled to the station. I noticed the light had dimmed too, and wondered whether I should have my lights on.

I started the working day by hunting down Lasse. Nobody has paid the invoice from Lynda and I hot an email yesterday telling me that they will suspend our service this week. It took forty minutes and involved Lasse, David, Moa and Nini, but by the time I eventually made a cup of tea it seemed as though Lynda would continue to provide instant recall for our students.

I spent the morning with those of the CMS class who had not opted to work at home. Yesterday some students had got so enthuiastic about Cloud9 that they said they wanted to work with it on their own computers. I thus had more time to spend with those who came in because they wanted help.

I spent the whole afternoon and some of the early evening grading the summer course.

Now, as dark falls, I arrive home and decide to clear my head with an energetic walk. In the woods I can see the caravan still trying to hide, and still failing. The owners have moved but apparently feel that the caravan would like to camp here until they need it again.

The back window has a big cardboard notice saying Jeesus Elämää so maybe this now serves as the Divine Residence. Heaven is a place on earth indeed.