Sunday, October 16

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Stockmann, 15:15


I began the morning with a walk and then did some raking. In the afternoon we made another trip to Stockmann, in search of meat.

We had noticed one thing lacking from our experience yesterday. We saw no sign of the traditional Crazy Days creature that wanders the store waving and hugging people. This afternoon, to Irma’s great joy, it appears. She stands by him / her / it and takes some selfies, and then I take a photograph of the two of them hugging. Then I photograph it with a small child. Then I start shopping.

We will indeed buy meat, but only after we have wandered the store looking for hidden bargains. Irma will buy some early Christmas presents and get given an HBO voucher. I will remember that Casey’s birthday is on Friday and look at the Lego. I will then realise that I can get a present to him much faster, and probably slightly cheaper, by using Amazon.

In the evening I will set up our two months of free HBO Nordic, which comes through the internet and realise that they have just started streaming Westworld which I want to see. How convenient. I will then go for another, much longer, walk before arriving back in the early darkness.