Saturday, October 15

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Itis, 15:45


We woke up late and I went for a walk in weather that definitely belonged to autumn. I did some weekly cleaning and had a shower. Then we left for Stockmann.

As I walk into Stockmann I can see a young woman giving away balloons, or trying to. As I go to photograph her she manages to persuade a middle-aged man to take one. He walks away looking as though he has suddenly started enjoying himself. I watch for a moments and then walk into Power where I buy a 2Tb Toshiba portable disk for 89€. I assume that this counts as a bargain but I recognise that I may have just tricked myself.

We will spend most of the afternoon in Stockmann. I will get some sweatpants, and we will both get a lot of food from the deli. At the last Crazy Days we walked the empty aisles wondering where everyone had gone. Today we will be pushed aside by the crowds of eager shoppers.