Sunday, October 9

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Vartiokyläntie, 11:15


I got up and went for a brisk walk before brunch. Piles of leaves lay on the pavement everywhere. I had taken a bag of old newspapers and once I have dropped them in the box I photograph the piles round my feet. The colours seem unnaturally bright in the thin light. The blue leaves surprise me, as they do every year.

We will spend some of the afternoon raking. The weather will have made a definite decision that autumn has begun, and I will find it more than usually noticeable. Often autumn creeps in but this year it has arrived with a defiant suddenness. On Friday I wore no jumper and my jacket open. Today I rake in a thick jumper and a tightly wrapped jacket.

We will go to visit Irma’s father and then I will see Naa and go through her maths again for the test she will take on Tuesday morning. Naa and I will get the bus home where we will pull sheets and I will iron, before having more lamb box.

I will feel as though I have caught a chill from the sudden onset of autumn and I will have a shower and go to bed early. Even in bed I will notice the difference between then and now. Then I threw covers off and now I will snuggle down with the duvet tightly round me.