Thursday, October 6

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Arabia Mall, 12:42


This morning I finished Block 3 of the CMS course. All went well and the students left in good cheer. After class finished Malin stayed behind to carry on working and I helped her work through a tricky problem to do with the css around a changeable menu. We didn’t solve it but we did identify exactly where the problem lay so that fixing it became possible.

I have a meeting soon and I go for a short walk around the block to clear my head. As I walk past the mall I notice this three wheel trucklet parked outside. I wander around it and take some pictures. I could see myself driving one of these and I wonder, in passing, if you can get winter tyres for it.

At 13:00 I will have an online meeting with Asle and Erik about the all-new Nobanet. I missed the first meeting to go to Riga, and now I can catch up. Asle (who also missed the meeting) has spent the last week in Arcada with Calle and Mikke, and so he sits next to me as we chat to Erik in Odense. Time passes and eventually we learn all we need to know. We fix another Skype meeting for November.

At 15:00 I will leave for a board meeting at Pixelache. We will go through the proposed activity plan and budget for next year and we will agree a few amendments, including one from me that will require me to make a new grant application in the next ten days. Ilpo will tender his resignation because he does not feel comfortable with the new administrator-less model that Pixelache adopted at a members’ meeting last week. I feel that the new plan deals with this by smuggling administration back into the model in a different form. I understand Ilpo’s position though.

At 17:00 the board meeting will morph into a members’ meeting and Ags, Egle, John, and Samir appear. We will go through the plan and budget again and by 19:00 we will run out of things to agree about.

On the metro to Puotila I will listen to an unfinished Negrava piece and have a clear and immediate understanding of what I can do with it. I have not thought along these lines for literally years, but by the time I leave the station and unlock my bike I will have a plan.

I will cycle home in the autumn darkness to find Irma lying down feeling unwell.