Wednesday, October 5

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Arabia mall, 0:00


The second day of CMS worked perfectly in both technical and pedagogical terms. I talked through the brief for the case study and then mapped out an approach to it. I offered to walk people through it who felt that this would benefit them, while allowing those who felt that they knew what needed doing to get on and do it.

The class has finished and I have decided to wander over to the mall in order to get out into the fresh air. I decide that I need to purchase apples which seems as good a reason as any to leave the building. I have just left S-Market with the jogurts I bought instead of apples and I can see a tree / wall arrangement of interesting contrast. I amuse some people sitting drinking long enough to slow down their rate of alcohol intake for this hour. I stand in front of the plants for five minutes photographing them from different angles while onlookers sit with cans of cider frozen halfway to their lips.

At 14:00 I will have a thesis tutorial and at 16:00 I will have another one. In the second one, an MA thesis tutorial, we will discuss the possibility of a thesis based on the research question what do Monocle think they are up to?. I will suggest that this might hinge upon getting access to Tyler Brulee but if he will agree to an interview then the thesis could provide an excellent case study of a uniquely innovative brand and media strategy.

When I get home our favourite handymen will be finishing repairing the parts of the roof that needed repairing using the wood I painted last week. I will spot that this will require more painting from me this weekend.