Wednesday, September 28

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Ravintola Ilves, 08:30


Last week I received an invitation to breakfast with Arilyn, the AR app that Liisa and I have had dealings with. We have a student there on an internship at the moment. I persuaded Liisa and Nathalie that we should go, and so I find myself up early and about to pass Tavastia and enter Ravintola Ilves.

I will join Nathalie and we will eat sandwiches, drink fresh juice, and listen to presentations. I confess to having had doubts about Arilyn’s viability but, so far, it has proved a simple idea extremely well done, and it has apparently gone from strength to strength.

I will leave to continue writing the paper about Convivial Mechanics whill will, I hope, provide the basis for a grant application, my presentation in Roga on Friday, and a future collaboration with Access Space, as well as feeding students with projects and thesis topics.

At 15:30 I will leave for Naa’s apartment. As I do Samir will tell me that he has decided to ask for a three year 100% research grant from Kone. He will cheerfully ask if this will have any effect on our grant. It has just killed it stone dead, I will reply.

Naa will resit last year’s online maths test while I watch. She will score 11 out of 15. Whatever pass mark Metropolia have in mind she cannot possibly have failed.

I will watch all this while thinking to myself: what the fuck do I do about this research grant? By the time I cycle home I will have the glimmerings of a plan.