Tuesday, September 27

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Woods, 19:30


Irma left for the second day of her Photoshop course and I sat at the kitchen table working on the Convivial Mechanics application for the Kone Foundation. I looked at the notes Michael had sent me and incorporated a fair amount of his suggestions.

By 11:30 I had finished a solid chunk, said hello to the returning cat and settled him in Naa’s old room, and travelled to Arcada. Within seconds I felt glad of the time at home. I spent the rest of the day trying to work through the sounds of unamusing hilarity and a constant parade of students with an urgent need to say something of minimal importance in the maximum amount of time.

I abandoned ship early, went home, let the cat out ahain, and moved the planks I painted yesterday into a perfect replica of the pile they formed before I moved them. It had poured with rain so I attempted to wipe them. When it started raining again I stopped.

Now Irma has arrived filled with enthusiasm for Photoshop. I opt for a strenuous walk in the now-dry evening air. The light in the woods, with the yellow street light filtered through the trees, has a magical quality. As before, I feel like a minor character in a David Lynch movie.