Monday, April 23

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Home, 7:50

Moonshine is only limping a little bit now. If you did not know him then you might not notice. However he has definitely been badly frightened or shocked. Every day for the past few months he has woken someone (usually me) between 6:00 and 7:00 wanting to go out; and he has been very insistent. This morning he just sat there, and when the door was opened he sat outside looking around, attentive to every sound and movement.

Soon Auo and I will be on the jouko and I will get to work to start a very busy week. There are two theses that need to be shepherded into the presentation this Wednesday, and that means making sure all the tiny administrative details are in place.

I will also find myself filling in forms, answering a lot of requests and demands, before heading home to help Auo with the twenty minute presentation she has to do at school on Thursday, and cleaning up the painting site from yesterday.