Thursday, September 22

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Home, 19:15


This morning I took the CMS class through the basics of WordPress themes. We looked at the template hierarchy, and we looked at the three ways of creating a theme: hacking away at an existing theme; creating a child theme; and creating a theme from scratch. Everyone built a very simple child theme that did next to nothing but demonstrated the principle.

I finished by setting them their assignment: to watch a six hour course on building a theme from scratch using underscores. I told them that this will form the basis of their work for the next two blocks, when they will build a theme for a real brief that will contain content, images and design constraints. They do not know this yet, but they will be building a theme for the site, and I intend to use one of them. With suitable credit, of course.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with Michael about the grant application for Kone. His response: you have thought to small. You should ask for twice the amount at least. I went away to think bigger.

Finally I updated the descriptions of the two Pixelache projects I have proposed and left for home.

Naa has arrived and here comes Irma. Naa’s twenty first birthday presents form a pile on the table and we stand and watch as she opens them. I explain to her about Pantone colours. She likes her books. Finally she opens her new Ted Baker bag, and the spoons Irma brought back from her last trip, and declares how much she likes them both. Naa grins from ear to ear and we all sit down to eat extremely interesting macaroons that somehow involve duck live and rich chocolate cake that doesn’t.

Soon Irma will drive Naa home, I will read, the cat will demand attention, and I will go to sleep.