Wednesday September 21

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Temporary, 14:10


I spent the second morning this week with the CMS group, inside their virtual machines. This morning the two students who failed to appear yesterday arrived, and so I took them through the whole installation process while the others played with phpStorm, customising it to their liking.

At 13:30 I left for Hakaniemi and walked to Temporary to meet Samir.

As soon as I enter Temporary I can see stuffed rats in various stages of completion; the results of Mark’s taxidermy workshops. I catch Agnieszka tending to hers. Apparently it still needs some final work doing. It needs eyes, for example. Mark has installed LEDs in his demonstration model which means, in effect, that he has a battery operated dead rat.

Samir and I will spend several hours turning what I have written so far upside down and inside out. We will make some important improvements, as well as agreeing a budget and a timetable.

I will get home at 18:10 and Irma and I will get ready and leap into the car to attend a play in German at Stoa, about the plight of a German muslim girl torn by her contradictory allegiances to the ancient and the modern, the eastern and the western, her family and her friends. And so on. The three women who play all the parts play them with extraordinary skill, slipping into only slightly caricatured male body language for the men. The performance will last approximately one hundred minutes without an interval and leave us longing for less.