Sunday, September 18

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Home, 13:10


We got up late and both felt better than yesterday. I had woken several times in the night wrapped in the duvet like a child in winter, following months of flinging it away because of the heat.

I went for a walk and then we did the cleaning we didn’t do yesterday. Now, waiting outside for Irma, I have spotted a moth hiding against the wall. I reach for my iPad to take a picture but it flies off. Fortunately Naa and I saw exactly the same thing yesterday before we left for Pellinki. That time the moth stayed still while I photographed it. I decide to capture today’s moment with yesterday’s image.

We will visit Irma’s father and then Irma will drop me off at Naa’s where I will go through some mathematics with her for a couple of hours. This forms part of her preparations for an entrance exam in October. We will finish by agreeing another five dates and then we will get the 97V to Vartiokylä.

We will all eat a delicious meal of Pellinki fish and vegetables before Naa cycles home on the bike she left here several weeks ago, and I will go to bed early again.