Friday, September 16

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Töölö, 18:30


Sunshine woke me to go out and I started editing some of the writing I had done over the last few days. I did this at home until, eventually, Sunshine returned because I thought that Irma would like to see him when she returns this afternoon. By the time he arrived the weather had brightened but not enough for shorts. I left in my autumn jacket for the second day in a row.

I spent most of the day working on the virtual machine. I spoke with Dan who installed the player on all the computers in A303. I made myself a template vm and eventually tried using it from a usb stick in A303.

At 18:00 I left Arcada and caught the number 8 tram to the Opera House, where I crossed the main road and walked doen thó the tram hall. I turned left and walked down to Korjäämo. Having found the cinema I stand in the courtyard and look round. I like what I see. I have not visited here since it hosted the first two Slush events years ago, and now it has turned into a fully fledged arts centre.

I will go in to watch Eat That Question, a documentary about Frank Zappa shown as part of Love & Anarchy, the Helsinki International Film Festival. The film has the subtitle “Zappa in his own words” and consists of 90 minutes of interviews and musical excerpts artfully stitched together into an essay of sorts. It has a moving end when the camera closes in on him conducting the Ensemble Moderne in their Yellow Shark performance shortly before his death. He has his eyes closed, moving his baton, listening to a percussion piece.