Tuesday, September 13

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The woods, 18:20


Another day woke up and thought it would act as though summer never ended. I put on some shorts and cycled to the metro.

I intended to spend the morning working on my website and grant application but another morning intervened and I spent that one answering mail and correcting small mistakes on the Eliademy site where the summer course rumbles on.

At 13:15 I had a tutorial with two students whose thesis involves determining the weaknesses and opportunities in Arcada’s internal communication systems. They have done their first round of interviews and appear in complete control of their project. I sat back and made sounds of encouragement.

Next I had another thesis tutorial with a student whose thesis revolves around going offline for a month and documenting the result. Done badly this could turn into a slender diary of no interest to anyone. Fortunately she had recognised this potential pitfall herself and we spent an hour creating a framework for the experiment that will hopefully circumnavigate this.

Finally Jutta and I went to a KP meeting where I sat and listened.

Having cycled home and gone for a refreshing walk I can see the trees bright in the low evening sun. Summer may insist on hanging round but the sun still keeps on getting lower in the evening. The bark almost sparkles in the brightness and I can hardly see unless I walk eastwards.

When I get back Irma will have packed for tomorrow and Sunshine will have decided to sleep in her open suitcase.