Wednesday, September 7

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Stairwell in Arcada, 13:30


I spent the morning with the second class in the CMS course and all went well. Today they began a two-day exercise to learn at first hand what I showed them yesterday. By lunchtime they had got to where I imagined they would get; some further, some not so far.

At noon Jutta, Mirko and I went for a buffet lunch at China Flavor and chatted about the year so far.

After lunch I enrolled more students into Lynda until I decided to go downstairs. I can see through one of the decorative windows in the stairwell and I realise that I don’t look through them at all, probably because very little on the other side needs looking at. I pause to check whether I will benefit from the view and decide I won’t. I then realise that I have viewed it anyway, and so look again.

Later in the afternoon we will have inscription, the official opening ceremony. I truly intended participating this year but I forgot to bring a jacket and the dress code demands one. Jutta and I will wait until the throng emerges from the auditorium before descending to mingle and drink sparkling wine as though we belong there.