Thursday, August 25

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Arabia Mall, 11:50


I cycled and walked to work again today.

I spent the morning playing with DesktopServer and phpStorm, which looks increasingly like the IDE that we will choose for our students. Andrej has used webStorm, and liked it, and phpStorm is that plus everything I need to work with WordPress.

After a morning of staring at html and css I needed a break. I am walking towards the mall to buy an avocado or some apples. Outside the mall is a pokestop and I open my iPad to collect whatever is available. I see a Jynx, a pokemon I have not seen before, and capture it. Since to new update to the app yesterday I can now play in augmented reality on my iPad, and so here is the Jynx and a passer-by. I will sit and wait for mor pokemon to arrive and when none do I will walk back to Arcada without purchasing anything.

I will spend the afternoon with DesktopServer, pausing only to send an application to a conference about embodied methodology in which I propose that the audience read my speech to each other in the form of a trialogue. I wait with interest to see how this goes down.