Thursday, April 19

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Talbot Street, 16:10

This has been a day of work-from-home. We were not needed at ITT so we sat and worked online. Or at least I did. Jutta spent a good part of her morning looking for a plug to enable her to use her computer. We went shopping separately and kept meeting. Dublin is as small as Helsinki.

I have answered two students about their theses, and done a load of online research. I have been planning the rest of the Social Media course while I can sit doing one thing at once.

I am now out and about buying the things the girls wanted. I am walking back from HMV and noticing the variety of shops. I am no longer sure which are for tourists and which aren’t.

I have bought cds for the girls (The Wanted and Jedward) and foodstuffs for the family: Hobnobs, jelly amd Angel Delight! I have also bought a hat which I will show Auo when we skype again, like we did last summer.

Later I will join Jutta for a dinner with the Dublin gang. We will start at the Stag’s Head and move on to somewhere we will be told is trendy.