Wednesday, August 24

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Kalasatama metro station, 08:30


Yesterday evening, when I got home, I went for a walk and as I did so I started to hatch a Pokemon egg, which will require me to walk 5km before it hatches. This morning I decided to get off the metro at Kalasatama and walk to Arcada.

I am looking through the glass at Kalasatama metro at the building works. In a year or so these buildings will be the first skyscrapers in Helsinki, for better or worse. In fact Kalasatama will be a new little village of its own, with its own mall, parks, sports centre and cinema. There are nine of the numbered cranes and I am waiting curiously to see how the upper levels of the skyscrapers will be constructed.

As I walk down the road I will have Pokemon open on my iPad because it needs to be open to count my steps and hatch the egg. As a result I will discover that there are dozens of pokestops on the way to Arcada, and in the area immediately surrounding it. It will take me a long time to get to work.

I will spend most of the day working with DesktopServer to see how suitable it will be for the CMS course that begins in two weeks time. It looks promising so far, assuming I can get a virtual machine installed on the computers in A303, because it definitely requires administrator rights to run.

I will set up a travel account for the Riga trip in September, put my flight ticket in, and get Nathalie to approve it. I will write an abstract for a paper I promised to write for Nathalie’s Arcada-published book which is due early next year.

In the evening I will wash the remaining windows and the task will finally be finished for another six or twelve months. Later I will go for a walk and hatch a Pokemon egg. I will quickly choose another one and later realise that this one will take 10km of walking before it hatches.

The planned short walk will turn into a spontaneous long walk.