Sunday, August 21

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Rastilantie, 17:10


Last night, after watching the football final, we got sucked into watching a documentary about the death at Diamond Mountain. (If you watch enough low-budget late night television you will eventually find something worth watching.). We went to bed about 4am.

We got up very late today.

I spent the afternoon cleaning the other half of the windows, which involved moving most of the furniture, and cleaning spaces we had not seen since the last time the windows were cleaned.

Naa arrived and we set off for the big Lidl in Vuosaari. We have heard rumours that Lidl have a weekend of British food. Even better, it appears they are launching a new faux-brand concentrating on British food, including steak and ale pies and Worcester sauce, as well as cakes, cheese, and jams.

Our bags are full and we are leaving Lidl. Irma is about to do a u-turn and I am watching what is going on behind us. You can never be too careful.

Later we will eat pasta and Irma will drive Naa home.