Saturday, August 20

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Garden, 17:30


Naa was here last night. She had left for her support group by the time I got up.

After breakfast Irma left for a day showing Margaret Fisher the delights of Helsinki. The weather was on her side. Summer had returned and the day could not have been better for a boat trip, a walk round rhe market, and an ice cream on a terrace.

I started the afternoon by cycling to Prisma and then returning for a shower. I continued by washing half of the windows inside and out. Now I am staring at the door of the shed which is closed when I want it to be open. I know what I need to do. I walk quickly into the house, get the keys, and open it.

Irma will arrive home in the early evening. Neither of us will be hungry so we will snack before watching the final of the Olympic football. Brazil will win deservedly. Bafflingly, Germany will play the whole game as though they are 2-0 up (which they aren’t) and refuse to leave their own half.