Wednesday, August 17

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Arabianranta, 16:30


Another early start in the rain, because today was to be filled with interviews.

I had scheduled them yesterday and everyone turned up. Jutta and I asked questions and listened while everyone listed Breaking Bad and/or Orange is the New Black as their favourite series to binge-watch. None of the interviewees admitted to watching television at all “except very occasionally with my mother”. Everyone watched Netflix.

By lunchtime our heads were spinning and we joined Mirko and Monica for the Wednesday sushi at China Flavor.

More interviewees filled the afternoon and now we have to make some decisions. The rain has stopped and we are outside deciding and walking. We are walking along the shore. There is a large flock of geese on the grass. Jutta has suggested that I should run up to them and photograph them flying off. I run and they take no notice of me at all.

The result will be that Jutta’s Instagram account will contain several pictures of me failing to frighten geese.

On the way back to Arcada Jutta will launch Pokemon Go, so I will too. I will find a pokestop by the shopping mall and capture a Pokemon by the three sleeping lions.

This will be my first wild one.