Sunday, August 14

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Nordenskiöldinkatu, 16:55


We woke up in Sundö. The morning was cold but not too cold. We tidied up and began the slow process of packing up for winter. I bailed the boat again in the belief that next summer we will actually go somewhere in it. We put the outdoor table and some chairs away.

We caught the 13:30 ferry.

In the afternoon we went to visit Irma’s father in Töölö.

Now we are driving home from Töölö and passing under the over-designed Aurora bridge that connects one side of the main road to the other, where Aurora Hospital is. The bridge is an interesting shape but it does not exactly blend in with its surroundings. Maybe this doesn’t matter. Maybe it is exhorting its surroundings to try harder. One day I will walk over it.

In the evening we will take Naa home, renew my travel card, go to Prisma for cat food, and discover that Sunshine likes frozen pollock. This will turn out to be cheaper than cat food.