Wednesday, August 10

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Home, 16:05


Today I spent another day doing writing and editing.

I finally proofread Urban No-Mind properly, edited it slightly, and then compiled it into a Scrivener project. I wanted to remake the ebook and it seemed like an excellent opportunity to check that I had the workflow nailed down. I did. I produced an ebook in the new Dib Dib Dob house style in a couple of hours.

I also finished the preparations for the Open Fields conference in Riga in September, and booked a flight, which will come out of my research budget at Arcada.

I have been working at Auo’s desk since 9:30 because it has least interference from the sun and enables me to watch what the cat is up to in the garden. Sometimes, when I am concentrating, it is just a desk in a familiar place that I feel comfortable in. Sometimes, like now, it suddenly seems to be very much Auo’s desk. I can remember her getting one of the special edition Marc Jacobs Coke bottles, and then me finding the second, and both of us wishing we had managed to get all three. I have spent about ten minutes looking at all the stuff, and the things underneath that are not in the photo. And the Sylvanian family nestled into a shelf next to the desk. I realise after a while that I am not feeling or thinking anything at all, just being back there for a moment.

It had been raining earlier and suddenly the sun will come out and wake me from my reverie. I will answer some mails, and look up some questions about WordPress plugins that I need to know before I build the new Dib Dib Dob site on Friday.

At 16:00 I will decide that the working day is done, post this, and put the laptop away.