Monday, August 8

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Puotinharju, 18:42


This is my first day working, although this week I am working from home on a variety of interconnected projects. This morning I finalised the ebook of Community, Art and the State, which now works properly in both Bluefire Reader (my preferred ebook reader) and iBooks. I say “this morning” but I actually started at 9:30 and finished at 15:00. It was, of course, the final few details that took most of the time.

The good news that came out of this is that I now know how to use Scrivener properly to do 90% of the work, and I now know what needs changing in the css inside the epub file to fix the remaining 10%.

In the evening I will go for a walk in search of two door handles of a particular type. Irma has checked Prisma, who don’t have them. I will walk to Clas Ohlson where I will find them in black. I will then walk to Lanterna to look in K-Rauta where I will find them in white, which is perfect.

I am walking home from Lanterna. To my surprise the pavement parts from the road and meanders on its own way like a country path. I am rounding a corner watching cyclists speed past in both directions. Here I notice that the view is a wild mix of urban and rural. The train track overhead contrasts sharply with the woods and the grass, and the graffiti adds a third point of view.

The walk will take me two and a half hours and cover about ten kilometres. It will also take in stops at Antilla to check the progress of their bankruptcy sale, and Hong Kong to see if they are stocking anything interesting yet.

When I get home I will sit down for the rest of the evening.