Wednesday, July 27

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Sundo, 12:30


The heatwave continues. In the morning we went to see Terttu to get a couple of lithographs in exchange for the paper that Irma gave her. They are printed on the handmade paper, which Terttu was very excited about. She gave us a big bag of canterelli. We then went to Anne-Maj’s to pick some tomatoes from her vines.

We are in Camilla’s greenhouse where Irma is photographing a chilli plant in the hope that her friend can identify the exact type of chilli, and the amount of heat the chillis give. She can’t. I am looking out of the window over one of the fields and becoming interested in the effect that the plastic windows have on the scene. I photograph a pear tomato plant to capture the effect.
In the afternoon we will do some washing with the miracle washing machine and mow the lawn.

We will go to the evening market, the last one of the summer, to look around. It will be packed with long lines at all of the fish kiosks. I will manage to buy two of the last of the Tillman fish cakes, which we will eat with the canterelli and the fresh tomatoes we picked in the morning.

In the evening we will mow Eijasteena’s lawn and sit with her drinking pink sparkling wine and chatting.