Friday, July 22

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Tirmo, 19:30


The weather looked ominous this morning, but I decided to paint anyway. I started the doors while Irma drove to Porvoo to get more black paint.

The stuff we had had turned weirdly gelatinous over the winter. I had to stir it for thirty minutes and even then it was like painting with jelly. By the time Irma returned I had finished the doors and I began the frames with the new paint. This turned out to have the consistency of coloured water and so I made a number of splashes and drips.

I finished the hut and realised that I would need a touching-up session tomorrow.

Tirmo Blues started as we were eating and I decided to take the ferry and see how it was doing. Ville, Margit and friends were there too. Looking through the fence I can see that there are not many people there at all, although in fairness a coach full of drunken people has just arrived from Porvoo. Ville said that Friday was very quiet last year.

On the way back I will bump into Helmer and Marita, with Mona and Sofia.