Tuesday, July 19

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Tampere, 10:30


We have had breakfast and now we are on our way to purchase blood sausage and bread for home. We are crossing the river and I am looking at the statues that line it: a series of men like this in various poses. They were created by Wäino Aaltonen and were, for various reasons, controversial.

We will find everything we are looking for, and more besides, and then set off back to Helsinki. The weather is bright sunshine and will remain so all day.

We will take the old road back because Irma wants to show me the place where she used to stop as a girl when her family travelled to Tampere. Unfortunately it will be closed. However, the old road will turn out to be a quiet route full of things to see. We will stop at the headquarters of Ullan Pakari which seems in the middle of nowhere but is actually on the edge of Rihimäki. For some reason it has a thriving restaurant that also sells their bread. We will stop for sandwiches and coffee, and find the whole incident amusing.

We will then find the Havi outlet, and stop to fill our car with Finnish candles.

Naa will be waiting for us when we get home, and we will unpack and then pick redcurrants for hours. Sunshine will be out in the sun and arrive home about 21:00.