Wednesday, July 13

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Sandholmsudden, 16:50


Today we got up very late and did very little. We checked the boat, which was still floating, and sat reading. At 16:20 we drove to Benita’s.

This is the last market that Irma is planning to do this summer. Last Saturday’s resulted in one euro profit and she has decided that relaxing would be more fun.

We have set up the market stall and opened the shutter. I have been to Benita’s for coffee and a traditional egg sandwich. I love these. They are home-made island bread with boiled eggs and anchovy. I think they are an invention of Marita’s, from the days when she ran the cafe, but I could be wrong. They are officially delicious and something everyone should try at least once in their lives.

Irma will make a reasonable profit today, but not enough to change her mind. We will pack up everything and put it in the car. We will eat Titi’s home-made pies for supper.