Monday, July 4

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Sundo, 19:00


Sunshine woke me at about 8:00 for me to let him out to do his morning toiletries. I opened the door and to both our surprises it was pouring with rain. He dashed out under the house and a couple of moments later dashed back again. That was the only time he went out today.

The rain continued almost all day. I washed, ate, washed up and read. I set the laptop up for the first time, brought this up to date, updated some software and wrote some emails.

The rain finally stopped an hour ago and now Naa and Irma have arrived. We have made some final adjustments and the three of us are in Naa’s new room, with everything where it should be. Naa really likes it and is surprised about how large it is. Irma has a bottle of pink sparkling wine to commemorate its official opening.

Just before we can open the wine Camilla appears to say that she and Johan are ready to collect our boat. All five of us jump into our car and off we go.

We will arrive back with the boat (and a cupboard for Camilla) an hour or so later. Johan will drive the boat into the water and we will anchor it.

Then we will return to Naa’s room, and this time we will actually open the wine.