Wednesday, June 29

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Garden, Sundö, 20:30


Today was even hotter than yesterday. We got up and had breakfast outside, which was great. Afterwards I did some heavy duty weeding and then painted. I fed the long weeds to the sheep.

Irma went to Borgå again for even more paint. The untreated wood simply soaks the paint up. I painted for about ten hours, pausing to eat a quick but delicious dinner and wave goodbye to Irma. She caught the 18:00 ferry to Helsinki because she has things to do there tomorrow, leaving me and the cat.

Finally the day’s painting is finished. Sunshine is asleep in the house, and I have just washed all the paint off my hands and feet. I am looking at the garden wishing the new hut was already painted to match the others. I remind myself that I have all summer to paint the outside and truthfully I enjoy the exercise.

The rush to paint the inside is because Naa is probably coming to Pellinki on Sunday, and we want it to be finished for her arrival.