Tuesday, June 28

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Sundö, 22:20


When we get up we will find that Mika has left us some paint and brushes for the inside and outside of Naa’s new hut. Yesterday’s weather had completely changed and it was summer again.

Sunshine was in and out, disappearing and returning at intervals.

After we had moved the furniture out again, I painted the inside of Naa’s new house white until I ran out of paint. I painted for 5 hours, balanced on a rickety stepladder, and at the end my arms and back were hurting unpleasantly.

Irma went to Borgå while I painted to get more paint. She also got a bureau, a chest and a lot of other interesting things.

At 22:00 we are both tired and are getting ready for bed. There is an interesting dusk over the bay. I am too lightly dressed, and too worn out, to be bothered walking down there. This will have to do.

I will have trouble finding a position to sleep in that does not hurt at least one part of me.