Wednesday, June 22

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Vartiokyläntie, 9:20


I got up late again and decided to take my time. The ebook needs some thought, rather than speed.

I am cycling to Puotila and I notice the abandoned car, where the old car wrecks used to lie by a ramshackle hut. All that was cleared a week or so ago, and now only this car remains. I photographed it last weekend but the sun was in the wrong place and an old man with long white hair started hanging around me until I felt I was in some kind of horror movie. I am photographing it again before it finally disappears.

I will spend the entire day making my ebook and still not get it completed. Setting up the footnotes to respond in both directions will take hours of typing. Other than copying and pasting I can think of no way of automating the process. By the time I stop I will have all the individual files, and be setting up the navigation file (that’s toc.ncx to you). I will stop with a frustratingly little to go before testing in order to tidy my desk as ordered. This is my last day at Arcada before the summer vacation.