Tuesday, June 21

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Hameentie, 14:00


Late last night we had the Adventure of the Giant Rats. This involved some recently sawn branches from a dying tree, an angry and rather odd woman from the neighbourhood, me running barefoot down the street as fast as I could, and the imaginary possibility of imaginary Giant Rats. This morning I woke up later than usual.

The weather was bright and hot and, before leaving for work, I swept the path to remove anything that a Victorian detective might take to be evidence. Then I cycled to the metro.

I spent all of the morning working my way through the thicket of difficulties that await the naive Scrivener user who tries to take a book, written using markdown, and compile it as an e-book. It is not as easy as it sounds, and if it doesn’t sound easy then it’s not as easy as that either. I began to realise that, if I want it to look as good as I can make it, I am going to have to output the chapters from Scrivener one by one and make up an epub file manually. This is partly because I fell for the fact that Scrivener can interpret and output Markdown. It can also output as an ebook. Unfortunately it can’t do both, so if you have text marked up as markdown then you can’t compile it into an ebook automatically.

At 13:00 I noticed that I could see bright sunshine through the window, and so I decided to combine returning my Cluster cds to the library and eating lunch. I made myself some cheese sandwiches and left the building. I have returned the cds and I am sitting on the grass opposite the library and Aalto. I am watching people go by, eating cheese sandwiches and drinking an ice cold Coke Zero I bought from the shop by the library. I will sit here for forty five minutes thinking and watching.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon formatting bits of the book and then walk to Kalasatama.

I will spend the evening gardening until I retire indoors for a shower.