Wednesday, April 18

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O’Connell Street, 16:50

Eight o’clock is not a good time to have breakfast. At eight o’clock the restaurant is full of small, French sportspeople: small because they are aged about ten, not because they are dwarfs. Not, of course, that there would be anything wrong if they were dwarfs. Which they weren’t, although it would have been alright if they were.

After this confusion we left for Tallaght where we got our certificates to say we had been there and then gave a spontaneous lecture about mobile apps and how to make them. Afterwards someone told us that their eyes had been opened. Me: speechless but happy.

Leaving ITT, and feeling hungry, we found Captain Americas, best described as a more successful Irish version of a Hard Rock. It was half-hidden behind some buildings by the LUAS terminal, and we had a genuinely great Healthy Options lunch.

On the way back we invented names for the new modules we have been devising this week for the next round of changes at Arcada. Having done this, we got off the tram a stop or two early to walk through Temple Bar, past the actual Hard Rock Cafe, stopping at Forbidden Planet for far longer than adults ought to.

Now we are walking back down O’Connell Street towards the needle thing that neither of us can name, despite the fact that we have asked and got answers about it on all our previous visits.

Later I will read student theses and try to get to grip with my own. I will go to Tesco to buy sparkling water. Auo will not pop up on Skype again, and I will go to bed early for the second night in a row.