Sunday, June 19

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Didrichsen Museum, 16:00


I managed to go for a quick walk this morning before the rain took over again. The sky was a uniform dark grey.

In the afternoon we went to the Didrichsen Museum to see an exhibition of Tamara Piilola’s paintings. They are as astonishing as they look in photographs. They are neither realistic nor unrealistic. They look, in some ways, like the best art for a Swamp Thing comic that you could imagine.

I spend some time actually sitting on the benches looking at them. This one, Delta, is possibly my favourite, although there are others as good.

Later we will go to see Naa and I will fix the drawers that I made for her last week. The parts that are supposed to lock the bottoms of the drawers in place are slightly too big for the space they are supposed to occupy and cause the drawers to catch. I will remove them on the grounds that they are almost certainly unnecessary.

In the evening the sky will clear slightly and I will go for my first proper walk in two weeks. I will walk the path through the woods that takes me to the Ring Road. I will note half a dozen trees blown down by the storm.

For Brendan’s sake I note that I will have a shower before I go to bed.