Friday, June 17

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Arcada, 14:00


I cycled to Puotila though a gap in the rain. As I arrived so did the drizzle.

I spent the morning reading through my book chapter for Alison and Gerri. They wanted a CV and an abstract of the chapter. I sent them both of these. They also wanted me to hunt down some references used in the chapter. I started this but did not have time to finish it. That is Monday morning sorted out then.

I checked the summer course. I cloned the course on Eliademy and remade the texts to include the new dates and the slight changes in the format. I added an explanation on Its Learning, pointing to the course. I checked how many students have registered in ASTA. Twenty three so far, fact fans.

At 13:15 the big, end of year, graduation ceremony began and I went to look with Jutta, who had come in especially to see Emma win the first-ever Student of the Year bursary. I am looking over the balcony watching Camilla and Nathalie presenting the Culture & Communication students with their certificates and roses.

In a few moments I will be standing among them sipping sparkling wine and congratulating Emma and the rest.

At 15:10 I will join Irma and Naa to celebrate Irma’s father’s 89th birthday. We will eat cake, drink coffee, and sing songs. Lots of songs.