Wednesday, June 15

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Outside Arcada, 10:10


It is another bright, hot morning.

I am outside Arcada for almost no reason at all, except that the weather seems bright enough to act like a magnet. I am looking at the sky which is deep blue and cloudless. I am waiting for Mirko.

I will spend much of the day with him, looking at the videos that the students made in the Games Theory course, and deciding what to do with them. We will come up with a better and more flexible idea than an online course, and we will spend the latter half of the day working out how we might put it into action without needing extra teaching hours.

I will write questions for the thesis students’ maturity tests tomorrow morning, and then print out the finished judgements. I will start receiving mails from students convinced that I should be doing something for them. I will start writing replies pointing to previous agreements that they have conveniently forgotten.

I will walk to Kalasatama, listening to one of The Lowest Pair’s new albums.