Tuesday, June 14

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Outside Arcada, 14:30


Today I saw sun for the first time in days. It felt good to be on my bike again.

I spent the morning catching up with email and end-of-the-year tasks. I completed the assessments of all the classes from Period 4, and entered them in the registry. At 12:15 I supervised two thesis presentations, with Tomas as the opponent. Both passed, one more so than the other.

I have drafted the first versions of my judgements on the two theses, for Tomas to look at, and stepped outside for some warm air. The colours are delightfully Nordic. The sky is bright blue, the grass is bright green, the light is harsh in its brightness and the shadows obliterate everything that they cover.

I will fill in my expenses for Vilnius and send my Erasmus forms to Christa, before cycling home.